Stuck for Social Media post ideas?

Let’s face it, if you run a business – whatever it is, from manufacturing to childcare, insurance to catering – it’s not only expected that you have some form of social media, but customers and clients actually seek to make connections with your business. We all know that social media offers a fantastic opportunity for customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Your customers can soon become your brand ambassadors, so it’s only fair to give them what they want in return.


However, when you’re trying to run a business at the same time as managing the company’s social media, not only is it time-consuming and at times frustrating (and that’s even the most web-savvy business owners between us), but it can also be difficult knowing just what to post, when, how often, to whom, to boost or not to boost, etc, etc. If the creative juices stop flowing, social media can become a real burden.

Here are 2 weeks worth of daily Facebook post ideas for you to plan and schedule your social media activity, making it more manageable and enabling you to keep on top:

1. Advice – share expert advice that is relevant to your company and followers, or correct a misconception related to your industry.

2. Humour – inject a bit of personality into your page. Try memes, phrases, photos, cartoons, anything to make them LOL!

3. News – share news about your business, an upcoming event or relevant news about your industry.

4. Contest – just-for-fun, fill in the blank, caption competition, or a quiz. Think of something that will encourage engagement and shares among your followers.

5. Newsletter – sent an email campaign lately? Don’t forget to share the link on Facebook and encourage sign-ups to increase your mailing list at the same time.

6. Giveaway – at least once a month offer a giveaway, discount, or coupon etc, exclusive to your followers.

7. Behind the scenes – show your company in action, a candid photo, or feature of an employee, for example. People love to be reminded that they are buying from humans, not just a brand.

8. Sell – pick an opportunity to market yourself and teach your followers something they might not know about your business, product, or service, and highlight your USPs.

9. Inspiration – share a quote or image that your customers can relate to or appreciate.

10. Educate – write a feature on a supplier or provide some form of product education (how to use it, FAQs, etc).

11. Testimonials – share positive feedback, follow up with a request for other reviews, and don’t be afraid to brag!

12. Customers – for example, photograph customers using your product/service, or encourage them to share a photo themselves.

13. Video – improve your reach with a video post, whether on your mobile, or creating a slideshow. Demos, for example, are a great way to engage followers.

14. Website – share something from your website, not only will it help with SEO, but it also gets traffic onto your website. Blogs are a great way to do this.

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