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Gone are the days of stuffing envelopes and spending a fortune on stamps to advertise directly to your customer base. Nowadays, email marketing can help you reach your customers very quickly and cost-effectively. Whether it is a special offer, new product line or company news that you wish to share, an email marketing campaign can be a very effective measure. However, we all get bombarded with ‘junk’ email everyday so your campaign should always be very carefully targeted and with a fine balance of relevance, attractiveness and interest in order to succeed. JAB Marketing can help with ideas, design and the practicalities of your next email marketing campaign.

If you already use Mailchimp or 4CRM, for example, JAB Marketing can design your next campaign for you quickly and affordably. Alternatively we can put together campaign plans, e-marketing strategy, or assist you with setting up a template for regular email campaigns.

  • "Completely in tune with your requirements, speedy professional service, and importantly hassle free! Life is easier with the help of JAB Marketing that's for sure."
  • "I've been working with JAB Marketing for the past few months and have had excellent results."

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