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So, you’ve started your new venture, or at least you are considering going online with your existing business, and there are a number of challenges facing you including accountancy, legals, premises, staff (etc, etc!). Nowadays there is also another element that is essential to drive and build your business: Social Media.

Although it is a relatively new string to the marketers bow, social media has now become one of the most crucial factors for both online and offline companies. In fact, according to a 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 92% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. For many, the realms of social media may seem like a treacherous ocean of uncertainty. OK, so there may be a vast list of new vocabulary to learn such as hashtag, tweeting, trending, and widgets. And if you thought going viral would see you visiting the GP rather than becoming the envy of all your competitors, you are probably not alone. However Jab Marketing is here to help with some simple steps to help you get on your way in the world of social media:

Setting up

  • Twitter: It’s really easy to set up an account on Twitter. All you need is an email address and a chosen user name. From there, you can start building lists for groups of people to follow and build relationships with your customers. Search words and phrases that are relevant to you by using the hashtag, and get a feel for what others are tweeting about.
  • Facebook: If you already have a personal Facebook account, create a business page and manage it from your existing log-in. Facebook’s algorithm has changed so your posts may not be as prominent on news feeds as they once were, so try and post interesting or useful items of value that people are likely to share, like, or link to.
  • Google+: Another status and link-sharing platform, Google+ is great for SEO and also allows customisation of groups.
  • Instagram and Pinterest: Both are perfect if you have a visual brand, but even if not you can still use them to build a following and connect with your audience.

Sell yourself!

Use the bio section on your accounts as an opportunity to really sell yourself. Make sure you include all your contact details, and keep on top of any changes such as opening hours. Encourage positive reviews by inviting happy customers/clients to leave a review on your Facebook and Google+ pages.

Keep it consistent

When you set up your accounts on Twitter, Facebook etc, make sure the message and visuals are consistent. Make sure your branding is prominent and looks professional. Use the same profile picture throughout and resize it to suit the different accounts if need be; don’t risk images looking stretched or pixelated. Jab Marketing can help create impressive graphics ready-sized and branded for all your social platforms.

Keep on top

  • Set up a Google alert ( on your name.
  • Create an email signature with your social media links.
  • Find time everyday to explore your social media accounts, to find out what’s going on and respond to posts or tweets directed to you.
  • Use applications such as Buffer if you struggle to regularly make time for social media. This will enable you to keep a constant flow of posts going throughout the day.
  • Google yourself and make sure the information that comes up is complimentary and up-to-date.


Keep your social media exciting and relevant. Talk to JAB Marketing about creating graphics for your social media to create interest for your followers. After all, 82% of marketers agree that images as crucial elements of social media content optimisation. It may be more natural for some niches than others but never give up on building and connecting, and allow your position to grow and grow.

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